graduate Finanzwirtin / diploma in economic administration (FH) (m / w / d)

by Dennie Pasman

to study sections alternate with sensible training in the dual research for the elevated service. The theory you comprehensive in Munster in placements in departments on internet site. It starts with all the six-month standard course in which you get to understand the legal basis at customs.The theory you full in Muenster, internships in numerous departments on the Hauptzollamt Ulm.State law and policy foundations Legal foundations economics and economic fundamentals Small business Fundamentals, organization and info processing Sociological foundations within the locations of psychology, sociology, pedagogy.Your standard research for the elevated service at customs you concludes with the intermediate examination. For this you create 4 three-hour exams on the content material you have worked yourself within the standard study. In the event you do not pass the intermediate examination in the initial try, you get a second chance.Now, the initial starts of 3 practical phases. In a online plagiarism check variety of departments you’ll understand 5 months the part of customs in handy to understand. Focus from the internship is definitely the customs clearance. You assisted in the clearance of goods and handle.

Now commence your graduate. Topics involve tax and customs law and organization administration. In the area of ??management theory you discover independent projects to create and overcome conflict conditions. The initial part of the principle study will take 5 months. In the end you create six exams that take 4 hours every.General Tax Law General and precise customs law right of social safety excise tax law, traffic tax law organization administration accounting of public administration management theory.Now it’s back for two months in practice. Concentrate: Clerical. Your subjects are for. To operate as customs duties, excise taxes or penalties and fines things where you learn common home business operations.

It continues with the study places from the initial a part of the primary study. Theory and practice combine gradually to kind an all round picture and you’ll see that engage the various curricula and prepare you for the service for customs. Also, you create a thesis inside a topic of the decision. This study section will take 5 months. After you create six exams.The eight-month internship on two key places: firstly, clerical as inside the earlier practice phase to yet another use in the enforcement of customs services. You now take part in inspections, investigations and controls and supports the processing of related operations.You deepen in the last stage of study once more all of the legal information, z.?B. in the field of basic and particular customs legislation plus the excise law.After three years, you’ve nearly completed your research – you just must pass the so-called auditing. Six four-hour written exams and an oral exam waiting for you personally. do not pass you, you get a second opportunity. Insist you the exam, you’re financial consultant / -in (FH). A takeover at customs will be the rule.

You might have or are acquiring quickly a high school or perhaps a (technical) education in North Rhine-Westphalia qualifying education degree or possibly a recognized equivalent amount of education. You will have the German or an EU or EEA nationals.You happen to be willing to put you into stuff. Do you like working within a group. You will be fit rephraser net and healthier. You might be outgoing and assertive. You take duty. You will be versatile, mobile and resilient.You are not a criminal. You sit to get a absolutely free democratic standard order. You might be generally prepared to wear a uniform in addition to a weapon. You will need to work no challenge in shifts.